Ten Features of TWI Training by MESC

Since MESC cooperated with Japan Industry Training Association (JITA) in 2007, TWI has been well known to manufacturing professionals in China. More and more companies realize the benefits of implementing TWI and they get to know that TWI is the best way of training unskilled employees and cultivating front-line supervisors efficiently and safely within short time. Plants in China start the journey of TWI now.

    • MESC is a one-stop center for manufacturing professionals. MESC is a leading manufacturing management consulting, training, education and value-adding service provider in mainland China. We only focus on manufacturing management field, so we are more professional in training for front-line supervisors in plant.
    • Introduced with Original Script and Fixed Delivery. One of the most important features of TWI is standardization and fixed, because which TWI has been accepted more quickly and spread over the world. Many training or consulting companies do not realize the feature and have developed the training to advanced TWI training by themselves, so TWI is not TWI.” As the foundation of Toyota Production System, TWI is still being implemented originally and meticulously within Toyota group”, said Isao Kato from TOYOTA.
    • Cooperation with JITA. JITA is the only organization consigned by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to spread TWI, and the only certified organization in Japan to develop TWI trainers. JITA and MESC signed a contract on a long-term exclusive cooperation in China to promote TWI in China.
    • MESC is the “Huangpu Military Academy” for TWI in China. MESC has trained 150 TWI trainers in China with JITA till to January, 2010 and is so called the “Huangpu Military Academy”. Meanwhile, MESC holds 8 to 10 free summits or road shows annually to advocate TWI concept in China and get 10,000 professional manufacturing managers familiar with TWI. MESC is the most experienced and authoritative company in TWI promotion and implementation in China.
    • Senior Consultant or Senior Trainer as the Facilitator. The leading facilitator for the TWI training course is the senior consultant of MESC or TWI senior trainer with abundant training experience. They can combine theory with practice in or out of training class, so participant can learn more by doing.
    • Follow-through Training. Skills can not be possessed without practice on job, so on-job-training (OJT) is essential after the basic training of TWI. MESC also introduced the follow-through training from JITA originally, so as to train more front-line supervisors.
    • TWI Annual Award Summit was exclusively held in China by MESC. With the aim to create a platform for communication, sustain the training result, explore implementation experience, share best practices in China, and find benchmarks of TWI, MESC hold TWI annual award summit with JITA every year since 2009.
    • Small class training. Every participant has enough time to practice in class, so all of them can master the skill of TWI by attending this course.
    • Learning by doing. JITA certified experts with rich experience will be your facilitators! You will also practice what you have learnt in class with senior trainers.
    • High Satisfaction Guarantee. The feedback of TWI training is encouraging, and some of the training got full satisfaction.