In-house Training

“I have got to know the 4-step method for the first time, and it is really amazing! It is just common sense for the method itself, while it is clear and standard. It is very useful. I have also changed my mindset on how to instruct now. By attending Job Instruction training, I know that the slogan ‘the learner doesn’t’ learn, the trainer hasn’t taught’.”
----Production Forman

“I quite appreciated Mr. Feng Lei and Ms. Zhu, and they are very professional. It impressed me a lot and I have got a clear direction of my daily work.”
----Production Supervisor

“Both of the two trainers have rich experience and knowledge. By attending the (JI) training, I have realized that I have a lot to be improved on work. I hope that our company will introduce more trainings like this from your company”
----Quality Control Engineer

“I have never attended any training before as such. There are lots of practices by participants during the training. Actually it is not training; it is workshop for skill learning. I have learnt how to deal with different people efficiently now with Job Relations method. Thank you, MESC!
----Production Supervisor

“I think it is a very good training, and I have broadened my horizon. I am sure it will help me a lot as I have learnt how to treat my subordinates, how to prevent problems and how to solve the problem with the Job Relations method card. The card is just pocket – size, so it is very easy to take anytime anywhere with me.”
----Deputy Manager

“By attending the JR training, I have realized that I have solved problems with wrong method before, and of course the output is not satisfied each time. Before the JR training, I always rush for decisions every time I met problems, while after the training, I will apply the 4-step method to deal with people on work and it is sure that I will solve problems properly, efficiently and even prevent problems.”

“The Job Method training is very practical and easy to apply. It is very impressive that I can use just a card with 4-step method to practice the improvement activities later. It is a little bit similar with industrial engineering and SMED, because both apply the ECRS (Eliminate, Combine, Rearrange, and Simplify) method and 5W1H questions. It is very simple method. I will practice it in the future. I have benefited a lot. Thank you!”
----IE Engineer


“The 6-day TWI TTT training for Job Instruction is very meaningful and practical. The content is rich, and the training is with standard script and fixed delivery. The facilitator from Japan is very professional with rich experiences, and I respect him very much. MESC has organized the training very successfully. This is the first TWI TTT training in China, so I am proud of attending the training!”
----Training Specialist

“The training is very helpful. I am so glad to attend the training. I have practiced a lot during the training. It is amazing that I will be a JI trainer only after 6-day training. The training is really very efficient with high standard. The Japanese trainer is very professional and careful.”
----OE Champion

“There are a lot of practices and I have learnt a lot. It is my first time to attend such kind of training courses, while I think it is worthwhile. I will keep on practicing after the training.”
----Production Supervisor

“It is really a valuable training. I really do not know why it is the first time to be introduced to China in this stage? It should be promoted and implemented years ago! The training material is also very standard and it is a serious training.”

Brilliant materials, precise knowledge structure and very practical in daily work! TWI is an effective method. I respect the Sensei (teacher) a lot as he is extremely professional. He also helped each and every participant work things out. Meanwhile he is strict with teaching and learning, and he is great.
----Training Specialist

It’s an excellent training course. Trainer has rich experience. After training, we can use JI method to coach staff without any difficulty.
----Production Manager

I’m very impressed by this training. It is not easy to do things well although they look like very simple and regulated. This needs over and over practice. After this training, I have confidence to spread JI to all production departments in our company. Thank you very much!
----Training Supervisor

This training has very active atmosphere. All attendees put themselves in and the trainer’s presentation is very clear.
----Production Leader

Public Training

“It is the first time for me to know the 4-step method and TWI. It helps a lot on improving the production efficiency, space saving and cost reduction. I will practice it from now on.”
----Production Supervisor

“TWI is a very efficient management tool and I will apply it to my daily work on production shop floor.”
----Production Engineer

“By attending the JR training, I have learnt how to analyze problems and how to deal with different problems with this method. I have already practiced a lot during the class, and I will apply the method directly right after the training.”
----Production Manager

“The trainer’s presentation is very vivid with our own cases. It is very practical and I have broadened my mind.”
----Production Manager

“Well organized training by MESC! All the cases shared in the training are very instructive, and I deeply understand why TWI is the foundation of lean manufacturing now. I suggest that TWI method should be promoted in manufacturing industry.”
----Lean Manager

“This training has very active atmosphere. All attendees put themselves in and the trainer’s presentation is very clear. “
----Production Leader 

TWI Annual Award Summit

Excellent cases sharing on TWI and innovative TWI implementation! It helped all manufacturing people start from the basic (TWI), from good to better, and from excellent to outstanding. It surely will help us to realize the goal of lean manufacturing with shorter time.

It is a meaningful and valuable introduction and communication.
I have known the vivid TWI implementation cases from other plants and get to realize the benefits of practicing TWI in plant.
By attending this event, I have seen the great effort made by manufacturing professionals and the best practices of their plants. It inspired me a lot for my daily work. My colleagues also learnt abundant methods and concepts as well as the soul of TWI.
----Voith Siemens Hydro Power Generation

Well organized summit with clear target! I am sure it will be beneficial to the management of front-line supervisors.
----Singer (Shanghai) Sewing Machine

Compared with the TWI summit last year, TWI summit this time is more wonderful! All cases shared by 7 speakers are more vivid and practical. Most of the problems they met and raised in their speeches are very possible to happen in practice, and I have gained a lot after listening. It impressed me a lot, especially for the case sharing by Bosch Company. Presentation skill of the speaker is much better and the presentation content is richer. It is thus clear that implementation of TWI will bring us great benefits.

It enlightened me a lot after learning best practices of the 7 speakers. I hope that MESC could hold much more similar sharing and summits.
Thank you very much for your invitation and it is lucky that I haven’t missed the chance to sit here. It is a very impressive summit.

After the summit, we got thanks letters from some clients and hers is an example.
“Thank you very much for your invitation to TWI annual award summit. The summit is very successful and powerful! Congratulations to you all!

I have reported to my boss today about the TWI summit, and we have great interest in TWI now. Currently, our company is transferring from Alcoa system, so the management module is a little different from the past. We are still trying to find a right way, while I believe that the implementation and promotion of management system, such as TWI, TPM, Lean will improve the production efficiency, so I will spare no effort to practice them in our plant. At last, best wishes to MESC and people in MESC. I hope that we will keep in close touch with each other and have solid cooperation in the future as before. Thanks again!
----Former Alcoa Company